WinMarket is a software utility interfaced with Applied Robotics WinRx which facilitates sending batch emails to customers in the WinRx database. 


  • WinRx installed.
  • Email account with settings for outgoing mail (SMTP).
  • Web designer (if you want to send HTML formatted emails).

How It Works

WinMarket is a stand-alone program that connects to the WinRx database. You can find the program "WinMarket.exe" in your local C:\WinRx folder. Double-click on it to open and sign in with your WinRx login credentials.

Selecting Recipients

Once you are logged in you will see the three options for selecting your email recipients.

  • By demographic search query
  • By importing a contacts file
  • By selecting a single patient

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Search Results

The results will show up on the next screen where you will enter the email subject and message content and hit Transmit to send. To send an HTML formatted email you will need to enter a valid URL to an HTML web page.

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Email Settings

In WinRx sign on as a supervisor and go to Utilities and click on "cell phone connection". This is where you will enter the information for your email service provider including the email address you will be sending from, password, SMTP address and port number.

Please note: results may vary depending on your email provider. You will need to look up what SMTP and port settings to use for your provider and some providers may limit or block functionality when sending mail through third party apps, so if you get an error when sending, this may be why. With Gmail for example, they limit the number of recipients per day to 100, and it will only work if you enable the "Access to less secure apps" setting in your Google account settings.