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iEMR is a free iPhone app that allows medical information to be transferred between a WinRx pharmacy and the patient. This exchange can include medication history, prescription images, refill requests, treatment plan, vaccination record, lab data, and vital sign measurements.


Main Screen

When you open the app the main menu will appear. Tap the gear icon in the upper right to go into settings.


Press Connect and then enter the IP address of the pharmacy (more info on this below in the iEMRServer setup).

Medication Profile

From here the patient can view their medications and send refill requests to the pharmacy. In WinRx the refill requests will appear in "ERX Txns".

Treatment Plan

If an EMR encounter has been created in WinRx for the patient it will appear here. Allergy history can also be viewed and access to lab data will be added in a future update.

Vaccination Record

Vaccination info can be added to the patient's profile in the WinRx EMR module and will show up here.

Send Rx To Pharmacy

The patient can send a photo of a prescription to the pharmacy from here.
The photos will appear in "ERX Txns".


iEMRServer Setup

  • in the WinRx folder on the machine to be used as the web server, run the program iEMRServer. If the default connection parameters do not work, you will be requested to enter the SQL server and the port on which requests are to be arriving (initially set to 8080). 

  • Similar to HNClient, iEMRserver must be running at all times. 

  • Initially, iEMRserver will be displayed on the task bar when it is running. We will be placing it in the System Tray after some experience with its operation.

  • Set up your router to forward port 8080 (or another port if you choose to use a different one) to the computer where iEMRserver is running.

  • If there is some problem connecting to iEMR, run iEMRserver with parameter '-l' (minus "l" as in log) e.g. iEMRserver -l 

    • A file iwinrx_log.txt will be created. Email it to for analysis after attempts to connect have failed.


To view refill requests and photos received from patients via iEMR go to Browse > Erx Txns. From here you can view photos by pressing F5 or process refills with F10.