From "Regular Refills" to "Packaging", WinRx provides simple solutions to help pharmacies automate their workflow with accuracy and accountability. WinRx interfaces with all packaging machines.

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Go Paperless

Save time and go green with WinRxFax and WinRxBatchScan. Make use of top of the line technology to keep track of every transaction electronically and retrieve records faster than ever.

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Make use of the analytic dashboard and visualize your data through interactive graphs, charts, maps and datatables to make better business decisions and provide better patient care.

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iEMR is a FREE cellphone app (iPhone and Android) that allows medical information to be transferred between a WinRx pharmacy and the patient. This exchange can include medication history, prescription images, refill requests, treatment plan, vaccination record, lab data, and vital sign measurements.

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You can watch a tutorial video of the iEMR application here.


WinRxBatchScan is a software package interfaced with WinRx which facilitates batch scanning and electronic storage of documents, and helps ensure against data deficiencies that lead to audit repercussions.

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WinRxFax is a software package interfaced with WinRx which facilitates sending and receiving faxes from WinRx.

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PDF Annotate

PDF Annotate is an application for adding notes, highlights and shapes to WinRx documents.

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Pharmacy Dashboard

Pharmacy Dashboard is an online analytics tool providing live pharmacy metrics and interactive visualizations for prescriptions, medication reviews, customer demographics, staff productivity and much more in-depth financial information.

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Online Booking System

Allow your customers to book their appointments online from your website without needing to call the pharmacy. Automate your booking system with WinRx Appointments.
This module is provided as part of the "Pharmacy Dashboard" package.

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You can watch a tutorial video of the scheduling system in WinRx here.


WinRxDelivery is a web application that provides an electronic solution for delivery of medication. It also provides live accountability documentation for each OAT delivery in WinRx.

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You can watch a tutorial video of the delivery system in WinRx here.

Med Remote

Med Remote is an iPad app offering a new paperless vaccination process. User can fill the related prescriptions electronically, automatically generate the required verbal authorization form that can be accessed when viewing the documents associated with the prescription, and to update the patient’s own vaccination record in our EMR. That vaccination record is then also available to the patient on their phone using our iPhone and Android iEMR application.

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WinRx Electronic Signing

Currently electronic signing applies to pharmacist prescriptions, adaptations, doctor notes and frequent dispensing forms in WinRx, and can also be integrated with the WinRxFax module to send the signed documents by fax directly from WinRx.

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Set up automated scheduled SMS or email reminders for upcoming vaccination or medication review appointments created in WinRx. You will get notifications for missed vaccination appointments.

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Telemedicine in WinRx

WinRx offers a FREE Telemedicine feature from Avicenna Digital Health which provides the pharmacy access to a pool of family physicians and general practitioners. If you have a walk-in patient who needs prescribed medication, and you assess that they should consult a physician you can use this feature and get your patient the help they need. This feature can also be used when your patient needs to have a refill but does not have access to their doctors to renew their prescription.

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Pharmacy Downloads

WinRx Pharmacy Install
WinRx v9 Full Install

Use this installer for setting up WinRx on a new computer.

WinRx Pharmacy Update
WinRx v9 Update

Use this installer if WinRx is already installed.

Sample Problem Definitions
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