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Pharmacy Downloads

WinRx Update Bundle - Version 8.09.6. Download and run to install. This will install the current WinRx update and all the WinRx modules, EMR and MedMail.

WinRx Update - Version 8.09.6. Right-click and save to C:\WinRx folder.

WinRx Full Install - WinRx installer. For new setup run Full Install first, then run WinRx Update Bundle.


HNClient Setup - Extract to local C: drive. A Ministry of Health supplied Facility ID and registration key will be required to set up PharmaNet access through HNClient.

Med Management Modules


Electronic Medical Records - Features for med reviews, care plan maintenance and patient personal health records. Download and run to install. Extract to C:\WinRx.

Sample Problem Definitions - Save the "problems.txt" file to your computer and import it in WinRx with the New/Problems function in the main pharmacy screen to populate the problem selection list in the EMR.


Support hours are weekdays from 9 am - 5 pm PST

Phone: 604-628-6861

If you require remote assistance, please download TeamViewer to connect with your ARI support contact.

Download TeamViewer Full version Download TeamViewer





WinRx Module Downloads

WinRx Monitor - Checks for updates to the WinRx program. Right-click and save to C:\WinRx folder.

Network Update - Insurance carrier network update. Download and run to install.

PDF Setup - Download and run to install.

WinRx Scanning Module - License required. Download and run to install.


Amjay PharmacyScan - Download and run to install.



MedMail Install
- Version 1.6. Download and run to install. This will create a MedMail shortcut on your desktop.

Buy Digital Certificate - Click the link for more info on digital signing.

To get a free user account for MedMail, or for more info, contact us at:


WinRx User Guide - User guide for WinRx in PDF format.

WinRx Update Notes - WinRx update change log.

MedMail Manual
- User guide for MedMail in PDF format.

PharmaNet Contacts - Contacts for Healthcare Practitioners and Providers.

College of Pharmacists of BC - Province of BC pharmacy regulator.

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